RM Series

RM series Rubber granule is totally Eco-friendly with 8 years warranty. The cylinder solid shape provides best wear resistance property, excellent ball rebound, which can meet FIFA standard.

R-T-H series

RTH Series Rubber granule is our high quality products which meet FIFA standard. It is 100% Eco-friendly, with 8 years warranty. The unique hollow shape design lowers down the infill quantity by 30%-40%, and decrease the cost of whole artificial grass system.

RTH-C series

RTH-C Series Rubber granule is Regalfill鈥檚 specific product designed for Hot-temperature area. It is produced under special cooling process to solve heat absorption problem of turf system.

R-T-B series

R-T-B Series is Regalfill new product which can meet FIFA standard. New bee nest shape design save the quantity by 25%-30%. Good wear resistance and long usage life cut down the cost of the artificial grass system.